As a teenager, I was very active, avoiding only long distance running (because really between 11 and 17 who actually enjoys that kind of thing). Then I got to university and became terribly lazy – I stopped exercising completely but continued to eat as if I was, made worse by the fact I just moved out and started feeding myself, mostly pizza. This continued until a few years after I graduated when I realised I really needed to do something about it so I decided to start exercising again and began with running, at first just to lose the generous amount of weight I’d gained from said pizza until I was light enough to start something I actually enjoyed. But something in the way of things changed and I started to like running, a lot more than I expected I would. You might even go as far as love. I started training for 10k’s and ultra marathons and everything in between until I discovered trail running. Which lead to this badly written site.

This site is for my write-ups of hill and trail runs in Scotland and as the name suggests, sometimes Glasgow. There are loads of runs in the area and this site will show you some of them!

I will detail the route with pictures (of varying quality) and attach a .gpx file for you to use to follow it yourself should you want to! I won’t add street runs and any run I add will have been accessed by car.